A list of Deleted applications by Google that showed porn.

Google has to delete around 50 android games in the play store, the reason for this action is that there were pornographic ads in the games hidden, many of those gaming apps were targeting children. Some of that app where downloaded over a 1 million times, like the application Nights survival craft and Mc Queen Car Racing Game, Which is based on Disney movies.

The most toxic app was named Adult Swine, and checkpoints say. That application had a lot of pornographic ads, and fake tricks to install even more toxic applications. The application is trying to subscribe people to very expensive subscriptions that they do not want. A Google employee told the Financial Times, “We’ve removed the apps from the play store, disabled the developer’s accounts and will continue to show strong warnings to anyone that has installed them. So google works really hard on that issue. The only thing I want to mention is that this guy says that he will alert the customers that installed this app, in my opinion, it is better to alert everyone that use google play!

Toxic apps

How does a toxic app work?

Once a bad app with toxic coding is added to your phone or tablets, it waits some time till the user unlock the device to start the spamming. Some of the victims say “Don’t install this it is very dangerous for kids! I did and my son opened it and a bunch of filthy sic hardcore porn pictures popped up”. In this case, we can see how big the problem is and what the level is of those pictures.

There are also pictures that show fake messages something like “your phone is infected with some viruses please install “application name” to remove viruses. When you will install such an application it will eat your phone with spamming and toxic messages. The most of that virus application are paid and do not work. The developers from those apps are just trying to make as many money possible in a short amount of time.

Google Play Protect

Google has and features that is for safety and this is called Google Play Protect, this option checks application when you will download them and check if it is safe. But it is a cat and mouse game hackers, scammers improve and so do a google.

Checkpoint has a list of the infected toxic application that can be found here.

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