How to recognize Fake Apps

First of all, we will show an example of a Fake app that has been added recently to the Google Play store and IOS APP Store. This was the application Cup Head. Cup Head is one of the newest Xbox one games that have over a million download over the world. A group of scammer take benefit about this trendy game, they make an application that provides that cup Head is now also for IOS and ask 5$ dollars for it. A lot of people bought this application and where scammed because, in fact, they were downloading a fake application.

in this case, the Fake CUphead application was a flawless copy from the real can and could nearly impossible to spot. However, there are plenty of things that you can spot.

Why are fake apps bad and why people make them?

Fake apps are bad because of a lot of reasons, first of all, the copyright reason this application is a total steal of the brand name Cuphead. Second of all, you need to pay 5 dollars for it and besides that this 5 dollar goes to an unknown guy that made a fake app and not to the real makes of the brand name.

By downloading one of those apps you need to give permissions, for example, we have had the Pokemon go app that needs your location to use it. So if a fake app is created and they need your location, email, name, phone contact, etc what will they do with this useful information? Probably send a lot of fake emails etc. Besides that, you still not know what has this useful information? Not a trusted game company but a random criminal nerd that want money.

Sings that are Obvision to see if an app is fake

if you download a new app there is something you can do to dodge that you are downloading a fake application. The most useful tip is the developer’s name which is listed right below the name of the application. If it is not a company that you recognize you can assume that it is fake.

Check the reviews and more

yes, this sounds obsession but it is no, 9 of the 10 people download an app before reading the reviews and this is bad because maybe it is all fake and people check to leave a mad review that you just missed. Besides if there a no comment the owner delete the comments and the app is fake for sure.
Sometimes the owner has 20 phones or 100 and places some reviews by them selfs, so please do only download an application that has over 100 reviews.

Look for bad writing on the application description if it is a company they will recheck it by multiple people before they set a description of it is a hacker it can be bad writing Free or discounts or things. And remember this when something is too good to be true, usually is.

If we go back to the fake Cuphead app earlier this blog, you see that is still hard to see that is was fake. So how did we know that this app was fake, simple just look on the website of the game cupcake and if they are not saying “Download our app” or something like that it is probably fake!

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